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Khandie Woo®️ 2023 Lensless half frame

’‘Hand detailed in a Brown and yellow print and high gloss finish.

As sweet as Honey

One of a kind

Khandie Woo Kente Lensless frame.

Plastic fashion glasses frame hand detailed in a blend of African print fabrics using the and finished in a high quality gloss.

Lensless: the lenses are removed to achieve this fashionable statement look.

Meant to be worn Lensless as a fashion statement. If you force a lens in and it damages the detailing we are not responsible.

Wearable art piece non functional eyewear. **Do not submerge in water.**

Care instructions: lightly remove makeup and oils by using a small amount of water and soap on a brush (preferably a toothbrush) lightly brush the soiled area, wipe with damp cloth and let dry.

Each pair is authentic and one of a kind. Includes carrying pouch.

‘Honeycomb ’ LENSLESS Xtreme Cateye FRAME

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