Khandie Woo LLC is a wearable art brand specializing in eccentric eyewear and vibrant accessories. Created by Lysandra Perez. With roots in Trinidad and Grenada WI Brooklyn, New York is where this vision began, many imagine that these one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork were created in a high-end gallery or art studio.

Not so at all. From her parents basement this is a hobby that has been turned into a business. While combating childhood bullying, low self esteem and social anxiety there was no need to fit in. Khandie Woo evolved into a mission of self acceptance and healing through creativity. Recycled mediums sourced from local shops and abroad, she used these materials to make handmade accessories in a way never seen before. Soon after finalizing the LLC she unveiled them to the world with matching headwraps and accessorized her outfits at local events the summer of 2017.  The rest is history.


   From Popup shops to being in Boutiques on consignment, Khandie Woo LLC is the product of a decade of passion, hard work, and unwavering determination to be authentic as a female in the Art and Fashion industry. 

2022 became the time for even more growth in business and personally.

At the beginning Lysandra always dreamt of having her own production of glasses that would accommodate her clients prescription lenses without loosing that Khandie Woo essence. ​As of this year the brand has released its first collection of limited edition Cat eye glasses named after her daughter 'LANDRA' 

What an amazing goal to reach! Every step is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated.


The Khandie Woo brand has a mission to nurture your style while providing an unapologetic edge.




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LENSLESS FRAMES : Select Frames Hand Detailed in fabric. Each one has its own authentic pattern. A one of a kind wearable art collection. True Beauty*

LUXURY GLASSES: Limited Edition Acetate Retro Cat eye. Accommodating to your own prescription lens. Comes with a standard blue light filter lens. These are vailable in 3 Hues and designed to suit most face shapes. 

Through spiritual growth I agreed with myself to gain an understanding of my purpose.'

-Lysandra Perez