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photo of Lysandra and Her Bio and Brand statement



Khandie Woo LLC is a wearable art brand specializing in eccentric eyewear and vibrant accessories. With roots in Brooklyn, New York, many imagine that my one-of-a-kind pieces were created in a high-end gallery or art studio. While I'm proud to say that my pieces were displayed in galleries and on runways across the globe, I am equally as proud to say that my
origin is nowhere near as glamorous. Through spiritual growth I agreed with myself to gain an understanding of my purpose.


Khandie Woo LLC is the product of nearly ten years of passion, hard work, and unwavering determination, even in the face of unimaginable stress. My first pair of lensless glasses — the
art piece that put us on the map — wasn’t created in a studio. Instead, they started as bifocals bought for a few bucks from the local thrift store... and then they broke not too long after that.
So I did what I do best and I made it work! Harnessing my creative
prowess with recycled mediums and fabrics sourced from the Caribbean, I used materials I had on hand to wrap the glasses in a way I had never seen done before. Then, 
I unveiled them to the world with a matching headwrap and handmade accessories as part of my outfit at a street fair one summer. From there, the rest is history.

As interest grew for my handcrafted pieces,my wearable art caught the attention of a designer in the Netherlands. Soon, I and my brand Khandie Woo LLC were on the runway across Europe, as well as in New York and Los Angeles. More recently, I spearheaded my time at ART AT FAME: The Khandie Woo Pop-Up Experience, and had my products highlighted in a FOX5 Good Day New York profiled by Christal Young (Thank you to Marie Driven) as well as in a Hot Spring Accessories feature on the Wendy Williams Show by Chassie Post ( Thank you to Yazmin Ramos) and a Reebok Campaign via Stylist Manuel A Mendez.

Today, Khandie Woo LLC is evolving from made-to-order products to steadily manufactured goods that will be more widely accessible on a global scale. And despite my broader reach, my message will always be the same:
To remain unapologetically you, confident in your Khandie Woo frames.



About Our Founder & CEO, Lysandra


Lysandra Perez-Brown is the heart of Khandie Woo LLC. This company was born out of a desire
for Lysandra to follow her passions wherever they would take her, though initially, her artistry
served as a vessel to connect with her Caribbean roots. A Brooklyn native whose parents are
from Trinidad and Grenada, Lysandra strove to create wearable art sourced from craft trades learned through her culture.
When she was young, Lysandra didn’t have much time to absorb the rich heritage of her parents.
Life moves fast, and her mother and father came to America to learn, work, and make a life for themselves in a new country — not to revel in the past. But for Lysandra, who so deeply wanted
to connect with her parents’ lineage, she needed a way to make their culture accessible to her all the way in New York City.
Fortunately, Lysandra found art. Art has always been a medium of self-expression for Lysandra, feeding her desire to pay homage to her family’s heritage while giving her an outlet to defy societal norms. Having experienced bullying from a young age, Lysandra channeled her
emotions into art, leveraging it as armor to hold her head high in the world. Now, she wants Khandie Woo LLC products to do the same for you.

"I have styled, and assisted many as a vessel of positive influence. I believe that self expression builds self confidence"

-Lysandra P

My Favorite Quote : "Follow your passion and God will handle the rest"